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New Conformity procedure for R&TTE in Serbia

Serbia Republic Agency for Electronic Communications (RATEL) has just issued the new Conformity assessment procedure for R&TT equipment.
RATEL has been Nominated as the Certification Body for R&TT equipment conformity assessment under Certification body number 011.

Information regarding the performing of the conformity assessment procedure for radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment

Pursuant to Art. 44 of the Law on Electronic Communications (Official Gazette of RS, no. 44/10) and the Rulebook on Radio Equipment and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (Official Gazette of RS, no. 11/12, hereinafter: Rulebook on R&TT Equipment), the Agency has been nominated as the body for R&TT equipment conformity assessment with the requirements referred to in the Rulebook on R&TT Equipment, by the Decision of the Ministry of Culture, Media and Information Society ref. no. 119-01-00168/2011-06 of 29 May 2012 (hereinafter: Decision) and the Conclusion on the Correction of the Errors in the Decision on Nominating the Agency as the Body for Conformity Assessment, ref. no. 119-01-00168/2011-06 of 22 June 2012 (hereinafter: Conclusion).

All relevant information, instructions, list of Serbian standards and passed bylaws, necessary for Agency to perform the conformity assessment procedure are available in the R&TTE section of the Agency website.



New Regulation (valid from June 1, 2012)


Art. 44 of the Law on Electronic Communications (Official Gazette of RS, no. 44/10)

Rulebook on R&TTE (Official Gazette of RS, no. 11/12)


Marking logo and location

1. Serbia conformity mark must not be less than 5mm in size.

 2. Below logo is NB number and The two digits on the right below the mark are last two digits of the year when the document of conformity is issued for that product.    

 3. Location: Serbian Mark of Conformity must be legible and indelible and clearly visible on product, or if it is not possible - on packaging and technical documentation.

 4. Serbia Conformity marking to be used together with CE marking.


Certification Body/Notified Body

RATEL Cert. Body no. is и011


The application may be submitted by the manufacturer, their authorized representative or importer where the manufacturer or their representative have not been registered in the territory of the Republic of Serbia (hereinafter: Applicant)

Issuance of  Certificates of Conformity on base of submitted  documentation:

   -  Declaration on conformity issued by manufacturer or authorized representative in Serbia,

   -  R&TTE Test reports issued according to the harmonized standards listed in CE declaration, or other documentation which confirm compliance with essential requirements with EU directives

   -  Instruction manual in Serbian language

   - filled out, signed and stamped individual application form for R&TTE conformity assessment.

Certificate validity

3 years, upon the expiry period of the CoC the conformity assessment procedure shall be repeated.

Issued CoC will be published on the authority website.


Serbian R&TTE is adopting European Directive. Difference is that Serbian regulation needs proof of fulfilling European directives before products are placed on Serbian market (with Serbian CoC and marking).  CE marking and CE DoC are not enough.


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