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CTIA OTA V.3.6 has been released on Jun. 3, 2016

CTIA OTA Test Plan Revision 3.6 was released on Jun. 3, 2016. The mandatory date will be on 15th October.

 Please refer to the major changes as following:

1. Additional Downlink LTE Carrier Aggregation Aspects:

-   Additional 2 DL CA Combinations With Harmonic/Intermodulation Issues:

CA_2A-2A, CA_2A-30A, CA_4A-30A, CA_5A-30A, CA_12A-4A,   
CA_12A-30A, CA_17A-4A, CA_25A-26A, CA_25A-41A, CA_26A-25A,   
CA_26A-41A, CA_30A-2A, CA_30A-4A, CA_30A-5A, CA_30A-12A,  
CA_30A-29A, CA_41A-25A, CA_41A-26A

3DL CA Combinations with ICS Logic : 

CA_2A-2A-5A,  CA_2A-2A-12A, CA_2A-2A-13A, CA_2A-4A-4A, CA_2A-4A-5A, 
CA_2A-4A-12A, CA_2A-4A-13A, CA_2A-5A-30A, CA_2A-12A-30A, CA_2A-29A-30A, 
CA_4A-4A-2A, CA_4A-2A-5A, CA_4A-2A-12A, CA_4A-2A-13A, CA_4A-4A-5A, 
CA_4A-4A-12A, CA_4A-4A-13A, CA_4A-5A-30A, CA_4A-12A-30A, CA_4A-29A-30A, 
CA_5A-2A-2A, CA_5A-2A-4A, CA_5A-2A-30A, CA_5A-4A-4A, CA_5A-4A-30A, 
CA_5A-29A-30A, CA_12A-2A-2A, CA_12A-2A-4A, CA_12A-2A-30A, CA_12A-4A-4A, 
CA_12A-4A-30A, CA_13A-2A-2A, CA_13A-2A-4A, CA_13A-4A-4A,  CA_30A-2A-5A, 
CA_30A-2A-12A, CA_30A-2A-29A, CA_30A-4A-5A, CA_30A-4A-12A, CA_30A-4A-29A, CA_30A-5A-29A, CA_41D 

2. Alternate Phantoms 
-   Wide PDA Hand (72mm to 92mm wide devices) 


3. LTE Control Plane A-GNSS OTA  
4. Test Time Reduction Considerations (Spiral TRP, Reduced Legacy RAT Testing for Fully Tested LTE Bands)   

 All BV OTA labs (in Shenzhen, Taoyuan, Xindian, and Korea) have been approved by CTIA for above             testing. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any inquiry. 


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