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Mexico IFETEL Regulating Mobile IMEI Number with a New Technical Regulation IFT-011

On July 27th, Mexico IFETEL has enforced a new technical regulation IFT-011, this is a technical regulation for devices that have an IMEI number. Under this regulation, manufacturers are required to submit a list of the IMEIs of all products to be sold in Mexico. IFETEL has confirmed this regulation is only for mobile devices that have an IMEI. WWAN access points are out of this regulation or any other device that uses cellular frequencies (2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, GSM, GPRS) which is fixed installed does not require IFT-011.

Please note that the objective of this regulation is to reduce the crime of stealing and selling stolen phones, tablets, notepads, PDAs, or other personal mobile devices. This technical regulation also specified that if the mobile (cellular) device has FM receiver, certification body will check that the cellular devices do not use mobile frequencies to reproduce FM radio signal. Cellular devices must reproduce FM radio signals without spending data from GPRS neither WIFi. They must have an FM radio receiver.

The application process requires three samples to be submitted to Certification body to get a NOM-221 Certificate of Compliance. After NOM-221 issued, then next to apply homologation certificate from IFETEL for IFT-011. Currently Certification body not yet received NOM-221 accreditation, therefore application will be directly applied to IFETEL. Once Certification body accredited for NOM-221, applicant will be requested to apply for this CoC also. 

The certificate must be issued to the name of the actual mexican importer of the products. So from now on, every mobile product that requires IFETEL certificate will have to be certified for the actual Mexican importer or distributor of the product.

The Requirement:
- Submit 3 normal samples. The Certification Body will check that the samples for its actual IMEI, in the label or e-label (if IMEI label is electronic then certification body will check if dialing *#06# IMEI appears in screen´s device), they will also check that every IMEI on the list is valid and will check if that IMEIs are not reported as stolen. 

- A declaration letter stating that the manufacturer is registered with the GSMA and a copy of their registration.

- Spanish user manual which must include the information about location of IMEI and the instructions to see the IMEI of the product, and about the use of FM receiver. IFETEL statement required by IFT-008 for devices with WiFi and/or Bluetooth also will be checked.

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