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Starting August 27th, 2017 Israel MoC stopped issuing Certificate for Cellular devices

There was a change in the process to import Cellular devices – Cellular phones, Smart phones, Modems, APs & Tablets.

Since last quarter of 2012, the process to import and distribute cellular devices in Israel contained 2 parts.
A. To apply and to have general permit for cellular devices that been issued for 2 calendar years.
B. To apply and to add the certain cellular device to the allowed cellular devices of the Importer.  the process for that was to get the technical reports & other technical documents of the product upon the installed parameters in the product, to confirm that the product comply with all the Israeli standards (telecom and other things like safety, battery and consumer regulations) and get the MoC cert for it.
For a shipment clearance process and for legal distribution the Local importer needed both the MoC cert and the annual general permit.

The main change is that now, all the responsibility for the compliance of the product with the Israeli regulation is upon the Importer with no responsibility of the Ministry. It is a bit similar to the procedures in the EU with DoC scheme. 
For the shipment clearance process and for legal distribution. The importer only need to have the annual general permit of cellular devices. There is no need MoC cert for the Cellular product.

In case manufacturer or importer need a local test lab to verify that their product conform with the Israeli standards, we can assist to get a Letter of Compliance (LoC) issued by a local test lab to eliminate the risk of noncompliance situation.

The Letter of Compliance (LoC) is not a mandatory document and not issued by the Ministry. This letter is to give assurance for manufacturer/importer that their product is compliant with all relevant standards demands & current Cellular regulations and allowed to market in Israel. 

Cellular devices in this scope include:
1. For combined product like tablet or smart phone that contain additional technologies (WiFi and or BT and/or NFC and/or any other technology). 
2. Cellular (2/3/4G) module (cellular modem). 

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